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Customer Testimonials

Due to an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Hilliard Realtor assisting with Dublin home sales and Upper Arlington property purchases, many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my Franklin County real estate services.

Hilliard Area Specialist

To Whom It May Concern:
   Our family had the good fortune of having Mary Beth as our Realtor when selling our home in Hilliard Green. You would do well to consider working with her, too. She went over and above to sell our house and meet our needs. Our house had been on the market for a year and a half, and we had been through one Realtor when we asked Mary Beth to help us. We immediately saw results with ever-increasing showings week after week. Withing two months we had our first offer. After our first Realtor had gone 18 months with few showings and no offers, we were amazed at how quickly Mary Beth generated interest and results.
   Mary Beth was very responsive. Any voice message we left or email we sent was replied to usually the same-day. Not a week went by without her communicating with us about the status of the house. I know we asked many questions more than once. Each time she explained everything in detail and in such a way we understood it. No question was too small for her to answer and no concern was too big for her to overcome.
   In short, Mary Beth was professional, and she took care of us through a very challenging and stressful process. We are very thankful for her expertise, and we have no hesitation in recommending her to other. The only regret we have is that we didn't make her our first Realtor! If you'd like to discuss our experience, or Mary Beth Hurst's qualification, with me personally, please feel free to call me.
Jason R. Haugh 

Expertise and Dedication

Mary Beth worked very hard to ensure that my home was ready to sell and to make the sale happen. She allowed me to choose the photos of my home as well as all of the wording in the advertisements both online and in brochures to sell my home. I was very pleased with her expertise and dedication to getting my home sold. Mary Beth was on top of all of the offers that I had and had excellent communication with me throughout the entire process. Mary Beth is very honest, and makes things happen. I was very pleased with my experience with Mary Beth Hurst as my Realtor. During the sale of my home Mary Beth also helped me find a farm to purchase. Mary Beth has numerous contacts which really helped me fix up the home I sold as well as an excellent recommendation for a loan officer. I highly recommend Mary Beth Hurst to help you buy or sell a home.


Amanda English

Showing our House ALL of the Time!

This is a letter of recommendation for Mary Beth Hurst with RE/MAX Achievers.
We had two real estate agents before her and had no success.  Mary Beth left a not on our door after our second agent's contract expired.  The fact that she took the time and trouble to leave us a hand-written note impressed us.  We felt if she would take the time for that then she would work hard to sell our house.  We were not disappointed!
I have not seen an agent cover as many avenues as she seemed too.  They were showing our house all of the time.
Today is moving day and we are very pleased.  If we were to list another house, we wouldn't hesitate to call Mary Beth.
Very Satisfied Customers,

Roger & Sue Lee

Helped us do the Impossible!


Mary Beth helped us do the impossible by selling our house within three weeks. We did a lot of what she recommended we do to make our house more attractive. My wife was ill the night before the first showing so Mary came over and painted cabinet handles, helped put them on and cleaned up. Also without her help we never would have known what do when a highly sought after property that was perfect for us went on the market. Mary Beth knew what to do...and we live here now!

Mary Beth, we cannot thank you enough!

Dave and Becky Cummings

She explained the Process

  We are writing this letter to recommend Mary Beth Hurst to become your Realtor. The first time we met her, she was very energetic. We had never sold a house before and she explained the steps we needed to take to get our house sold. She explained the process and told us what we needed to do have great showings; all while we were trying to keep our 2 year old entertained! She was wonderful with him. One thing I love about Mary Beth is that she understands that Logan is important to us and that we have a life outside of selling our house!

   One of the most importantly decisions we had to make was the pricing of our house. Three days after the For Sale sign was in our yard, we had someone who wanted to look at our house! The best thing was that they made us an offer that night. I truly believe it was her advice and reputation that got us the offer so quickly.

   Not only did out house get sold quickly, but also she was also very open to explain our questions and help relieve some of our

concerns as we went through the final process of selling our house. We were very nervous and hard to deal with sometimes!

  Through the process of selling our house, we also had to find another house a lot quicker than we had expected. Mary Beth was very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods and houses in our area. We looked at a few and then we found our dream house. This was a house we never imagined we would ever be able to own at this time in our lives. Again, because of her reputation and hard work, she found us a speck-home five days after we received the first offer on our house.

   Mary Beth always had our best interest as her first concern. She helped us make sure our loan program was what we needed and helped us understand many of the selling/buying contracts. She is patient, energetic, and understanding (especially with our ornery 2-year-old!) I would recommend Mary Beth to any family looking to buy and/or sell. Shell be a blessing!


Mark, Brooke (and Logan) Germaine

Very Knowledgeable about the Local Market

  We have bought and sold several houses and we would recommend Mary Beth Hurst as a good realtor and person to have working for you.

 She is not a realtor who lists your house and then disappears, she was always very accessible by phone or e-mail. She acted on all of our concerns, many before we thought to ask her about them. Even though we had a contract the very first listing week, she continued to work at selling our house, just as a back up to the first contract.

   Mary Beth is very knowledgeable about the local market. We valued her experience and honesty in pricing and marketing our house. She checked to see what our competition was selling. If the houses were comparable, and the listing and selling prices. Consequently, she saw the opportunity for our house  

and got it listed immediately, holding an open house just two day after signing with her. Since we were not quite prepared for showing that quickly and were out of town for the weekend the actually finished preparing the house and yard herself!

  Overall, this was the fastest successful sale we have ever had, and would definitely work with her again.


 James & Morgan Weller

Put us at Ease through the whole Process

  We were considering putting our home on the market through For Sale by Owner. However, our neighbors across the street tried FSBO and had no viable offers. Since we were not familiar with the process of putting a home on the market, we elected to contact Mary Beth to help us get our home on the market. In no time at all, our home was listed in the Multiple Listings, we had well prepared flyers, and Advertisements in our local Newspapers. We were very happy with our decision. Mary Beth took over for us and quickly got the process of selling our home started.

   She went through our home with us and made a number of recommendations on things we could do to make our home more appealing and salable. They were very simple things that we would not have thought of. We had lived in our home for over 30 years and were quite comfortable as it was. We really appreciated her input and thoughtfulness.

 Through Mary Beths efforts we had several offers on our home in just a few weeks. Her expertise and knowledge of real estate process was invaluable in making counter offers and avoiding potential problems. She kept things moving and put us at ease through the whole process of selling our home.

  We highly recommend Mary Beth Hurst to be your realtor. She is very knowledgeable, and provides professional realtor service. She listens to her clients, and cares about getting a fair price for their home.



 Robert & Bernadine Pero

ForSaleByOwner.com gave us Headaches

  We met Mary Beth while trying to sell our home For Sale by Owner. Upfront we paid $$$$$ to get our house on the FSBO.com website and advertise in their magazine. And all ForSalebyowner.com gave us was headaches. We had to deal with a lot of phone calls from people not pre-qualified, looking for a deal or investment and a few curious Realtors. We had to take time off of work to come home and show the house. The Buyers all said they liked the house and got our hopes up.

   One FSBO BUYER did bring us an offer. That buyer had wrote-up a contract over an old contract with white out on it. We were nervous about signing it. Mary Beth had made herself available to answer questions, if we had an offer on our own. Because we had signed a post-dated-listing with her that gave us a few more weeks to try on our own.

   Mary Beth gave us warnings on a couple of points where she suggested we get legal counsel before signing. She helped us ask the right questions of that buyer. That buyer took us for a ride. She wasnt in any position to buy anything. Plus she had a house to sell that she had not mentioned. Then she wanted to talk land contract. No Way!

  We are happy we handed things over to Mary Beth. Mary has expert knowledge in her field. She was frank and honest with us. She helped us stage our open house. She helped us get a roofing estimate. She handled all the appointments and communications with other agents, buyers, inspectors, and so on. She fronted her own money to advertise our home and she kept in close contact with us. In 33 days Mary Beth brought us a viable purchase offer and completed the negotiations. That deal was closed 49 days after she activated our listing! We received 99% of our asking price!

   We recommend that you give Mary Beth Hurst your business. She cares about her clients goals; she delivers professional service and gets results! We recommend her to our friends and family. And we will be giving her all of our future business.



 Aaron Schott

Superior Skills at Negotiating multiple purchase Contracts

We hereby attest to Mary Beth Hursts superior skills at negotiating multiple purchase contracts presented to us within two weeks of her listing our home.


She was able to counter several offers at once and kept us in control of the situation. We ended up netting $3,000 more than the original offers started in at. Mary Beth got us $10,000 more than any of our neighbors had received for the same model home as ours! The buyer paid 100% of our asking price. We were in-contract in 14 days and closed right on time.


Mary Beth was aggressive at getting our house advertised right away. She confirmed all showing appointments with us and gave us feedback she gathered from the other agents.


Her confidence impressed us right away and she delivered results that won our confidence in her. We recommend her with the highest of regard. He is an asset to the real estate profession.




Chuck McConnell

Did Everything that You Said that You Would

  Dear Mary Beth,

   It took me a few days to get over the shock that our house really sold. We want you to know how much we appreciate everything that you did for us. Our house was put on the market in August 2003 with another realtor who brought us one contract and could not get the deal. Then we signed with another realtor, and he could not get the job done. We did not even see a contract from him. But you did everything that you said that you would. The house was shown all of the time. We had contracts coming at us several times, and you sealed the deal on April 30, 2004.          
We realize that this was a terribly difficult sale do to circumstances of which you had no control. We want you to know that we know how hard you and everyone in your office worked to get this house sold, and we truly appreciate it. 

  I always believed that there are angels put on this earth to get us through hard times, and now I have had my own experience with one. Mary Beth, you are such a great person and a fantastic businesswoman. We could never have gotten through this ordeal without you by our sides the whole way.

  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Joe Riley and Peggy Rankin

We could never have gotten through this ordeal without you by our sides the whole way.

Accommodate My Busy Schedule

  I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of my realtor, Mary Beth Hurst, who assisted me with the purchase of my house in Gahanna.

   In working with Mary Beth, I found her to be both honest and candid. We looked at a number of different houses in a number of different areas. Mary Beth was able to find a reasonable selection of houses in my price range, also keeping in mind my wish list (e.g., a garage, a big kitchen, central air, safe neighborhood. She was open and honest about houses that she felt I would not be happy with and shared my excitement when I found that house that was the right house. Once I found the house I planned to buy, Mary Beth worked closely with my real estate attorney to develop a contract that everyone felt comfortable signing. 

  Throughout the process of purchasing a home, I appreciated Mary Beths willingness to accommodate my busy schedule by making appointments at times that were convenient for me. As a first time home buyer, I felt comfortable knowing that I was working with a realtor that I could trust.

  Based on my home buying experience, I would recommend Mary Beth Hurst to anyone looking to buy a home in the Central Ohio area.


 Amy Rae Bashforth


Kept Explaining Until We Understood Everything

  Mary Beth Hurst sold our home in sixty days at top price. Compared to what others have sold their homes for in our neighborhood, negotiating a contract with our buyer wasnt all that simple. But Mary Beth kept explaining until we understood everything.

  When we closed on the house we cleared at the closing table, the dollar amount that Mary Beth had quoted the day we signed her listing agreement. We felt we got a fair price for out house, thou we feel its sentimental value is priceless. Mary Beth advised us on pricing our home right, to avoid failure to sell or numerous headaches. She did ward off many headaches for us.

  We were afraid we werent going to find a new home that we like before the buyer would move into our old home. We were getting discouraged. She showed us every home that fit our wants list. Finally, she scheduled a tour of a house she believed was the one. She convinced us to look at the house. We werent considering this house when we saw it on Taking her advice was the best thing that has ever happened to us. She walked us into our dream home, we couldnt believe it!! Its more than we dreamed of owning.

  Im surprised she stuck with us, as picky as we were. We were not the easiest people to please.   God Bless her heart. She is a great realtor and a friend for life.

 We recommend her to all of our friends. And highly recommend her to you.



 Steve & Cathy Leonard

Your attitude of can do and the concept of right now were a thrill to see

Dear Mary Beth,


         Lori and I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on the recent sale of our home in Hilliard!


         We were thrilled with the manner in which you jumped in and advertised the home and got it on the market. Your candid observations on what we needed to do and the best methods for making the house ready for sale, were right on target.


            I had a good feeling going into our first open house, and I was impressed with the turnout. I have to admit we were anxious as to how many potential buyers would show up. We admit that we could not resist the temptation to cruise by in the middle of the open house to see how things were going. We were thrilled to see cars parked on the street, and people standing in our yard

checking out the landscaping.  We were stunned to find out how many people showed up to take a look.


         Your attitude of can do and the concept of right now were a thrill to see. With coverage on the web site, mailings, and city and area newspapers, coverage was more than we expected, and it was complete.


         Please feel free to use our name as a reference if you wish we were pleased with the results, and if we ever move again, we would love to have you as our realtor.






                                                                                                      Jeff and Lori Bright

Very Professional, Courtious and had our Home SOLD within 30 Days!

  We would like to take a moment to let you know about the exceptional service we received from your agent, Mary Beth Hurst.

  Mary Beth was very professional, courtious, and had our home sold within 30 days. We really appreciate all her hard work and time.

  We would not hesitate in recommending Mary Beth to all or out friends, and relative. I we should ever sell or buy a home in the future we would call Mary Beth.



 Buddy and Nancy Dials

Clear Financial Statements

   We hope that you will take our advice and list with Mary Beth Hurst today!  You're so fortunate to have the opportunity to have her serve you.  She saved us from a terrible situation.  She really cares about people.  We only wish that we had met her sooner.
  Our home had been listed by two other Realtors, Century 21 and Real Estate something before we met Mary Beth.  The first agent had our home way over-priced and when he took his sign he left a dangerously large hole in our yard.  We rarely ever heard from him or our second Realtor.  And neither brought us the activity or professional service that we received from Mary Beth.
  Mary Beth shared information with us that the other agents never brought up, like a clear explanation of financial statements.  She called us every Friday to give us an update on showing activity, agent feedback, and advertising.  Or just to check on us to see if we needed anything.  she went beyond the call of duty to care for the needs of our unique situation and to try and eliminate any anxiety.  We love her.
  After being listed for a year with Century 21 and Real Estate Somebody, we were sitting at the closing table just 72 days after listing our home with Mary Beth Hurst.  And the sale price was 97% of our list price.
  We can't say enough good things about Mary Beth.  We pray that you are blessed with her service as we were.

Cecil and Rita Campbell

Willing to go the Extra Mile

  I am writing this letter to highly recommend anyone looking for a real estate agent to seriously consider hiring Mary Beth. Working with Mary eth was a pleasure I have met very few people willing to go the extra mile and work a hard a she did for us.

   At the time she listed our house, she helped us in preparing the home in a way appealing to buyers. He offered lots of helpful tips to attract as many lookers as possible. I was highly impressed with her knowledge of the market and ability to come up with a fair yet competitive listing price for our home. Due to her marketing skills, we had a lot of people through our home in a short period of time, also at a time when the market seemed pretty slow. Not only did Mary Beth sell our home in approximately 60 days, she also got us full asking price for our house.

  Though we have decided not to purchase a home at this time, when we do decide to start looking I am confident that Mary Beth will find the perfect home for us. She has a unique ability to listen and pick up on what it is that people are looking for. I will not hesitate to contact her when the search begins for a new home.

  That is why I hope anyone looking to hire an agent will not hesitate to choose Mary Beth Hurst, I am sure this is a decision you will not regret and, in fact, be very glad you made. 


 A now loyal client of Mary Beth Hurst

Jan R. Scott

Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Dear Mary Beth,
  Dave and I just wanted to send you a short note to thank you for all of your efforts in selling our home in Hilliard.  We really appreciate your wealth of knowledge not only for the area but also the years of experience you have in selling homes.
  We couldn't have chosen a better Realtor to sell our home.  Going the extra mile seems just in a days work for you and we certainly appreciate everything you did for us.  You made the entire work for you and we certainly appreciate everything you did for us.  You made the entire process very quick (less than 30 days) and pleasant, when selling a home can be quite the opposite.  We also liked getting our full asking price!
  We will always keep your name in the forefront of our minds when people ask if we know of any great Realtors.
  Mary Beth Hurst will always be a recommended name from the Siler family.
Thanks again for everything!

Kelly and Dave Siler

Powell with Dublin Schools Dream Home!

We really appreciate the hard work and effort that Mary Beth Hurst put into selling our previous home in Hilliard!  It was placed on the market on a Sunday and we were in contract by Tuesday morning.  This quick turnaround allowed us to begin searching for our new home immediately.  Mary Beth spent countless weekends showing us over 50 homes in Dublin, Powell, and Shawnee Hills.  She also met with multiple builders which helped us in the home buying process.  When we finally found our dream home she was readily available to put in an offer the same day!  We definitely recommend that you use Mary Beth to sell a home in the Hilliard market and to search for your dream home around central Ohio.


-          John and Laura Pryztulski

Navigating Our First Home Purchase

As we tried to navigate our first home purchase, Mary Beth was very willing to help and treat us with respect. As a very young married couple, it is hard to find professionals who will treat us the same as older clients. Mary Beth spent many weekends with us. We are so grateful to have had her help. 
-Ethan & Ashley Massey 

She worked around the clock

Mary Beth did the perfect job helping us find the perfect home. She was very informative and respectful. She would work around the clock to make sure we found a home that fit our needs within our budget.
-Jason & Shauna Jacobs 

Helped us negotiate with our interests in mind

Mary Beth was very helpful and enjoyable to work with. She worked hard to meet my husband and my needs which were highly demanding. She went to alot of houses with us until we found one that suited us the best. She helped us negotiate with our interests in mind. She is currently helping us sell our other home.
- Mini Somasundaran 

She Wants what's Best for your Family

Mary Beth was great at locating homes to view. She has great negotiation skills and sants what's best for your family. I would recommend her to any of my friends who are actively seeking a home. 
- Scotty & Alana Poulson 

She Knows the Market

It has been a pleasure working with Mary Beth. She knows the market in this area! If you're looking to buy or sell, I highly recommend her. She gets the job done!
_ Tom & Michelle Lacey 

Took Time to Fully Understand My Situation

Mary Beth took time to fully understand my situation and guided me through the process. The property sold very quickly and the closing was handled in an efficient manner.
- Cheri Moore 

This section is designed to give you some ideas of the level of service that I can provide as a Hilliard Realtor. Receiving thanks from clients who have had successful real estate purchases is largely due to the fact that I always assess the needs of my real estate clients and provide them with a level of service that is second to none whether that be for a Galloway house or Columbus property.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

Make a request for more information regarding your next real estate purchase or sale

Do you have an upcoming real estate transaction? Please fill out the brief form below and you will be contacted in a timely fashion. Thanks again and remember there is absolutely no obligation.

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